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Los Angeles Civil Service, Labor & Employment Lawyer Helps You Protect Your Job Rights.

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Attorney Victor Manrique is committed to helping you protect your employment prior to discharge or to regain your employment if you have been wrongfully discharged.  We work with you to ensure your rights are protected.  We especially represent public employees in civil service or personnel commission proceedings before local city, county, state and federal levels, including educational districts and special districts, in matters of:

  • Labor and employment
  • Discharge
  • Discipline
  • Promotional claims
  • Discrimination and harassment claims involving race, sex, age, medical condition, religion, nationality, and other related issues
  • Professional license defense if the State of California seeks to revoke your state license, especially in the healthcare field.

We can also help labor organizations with:

  • Representation of labor unions and their members in organizing campaigns, representation of union members in grievance/arbitration, in unfair labor practice proceedings, in contract bargaining, in training on the fiduciary duties of board members, and in the training of union stewards and union activists in understanding labor contracts and related law in enforcing union and member rights in both the public and private sectors.
  • Representation of non-profit employee associations providing representation for members.

Victor Manrique is dedicated to giving you personalized attention, practical advice and clear communication.  Since the firm’s inception in 1991, we have earned a reputation for being responsive and compassionate with clients, and aggressive tenacious with opponents to obtain the results you deserve.  We listen to your concerns and clearly explain potential legal strategies to you.

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At the Law Offices of Victor Manrique, we are passionate about helping abused employees regain their dignity in the workplace.  We aim to resolve your legal matters cost-effectively and time-efficiently.  We are committed to winning your cases and do so by applying our extensive experience, high level of skills and in-depth knowledge of the area of the law where you need help.

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