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No one has the right to harass you at your place of work or deny you access to the wages and benefits that you’ve earned. Located in Los Angeles, the Law Offices of Victor Manrique is here to provide guidance to employees and to protect them from abusive colleagues and management. I have extensive knowledge of the labor and employment laws affecting California workers and use what I’ve learned to help enforce the rights of individuals and labor unions in the public and private sectors. With more than 35 years of experience, I’ve earned an excellent reputation on day-to-day compliance issues as well as a strong track record in settlement negotiations, mediation, arbitration and court trials.

Representation for bias, wrongful termination and union matters

Serving Southern Californians for more than three decades, my firm understands that employees are often hesitant to take on their employers, particularly when that employer is a large corporation. No matter what challenges you face, I will help you deal with the stress of the situation while pursuing the justice you deserve. My firm handles all kinds of labor and employment law issues, including matters relating to:

                Discrimination                                                 Sexual harassment

                Human resource policies                               Employee privacy rights

                Employee manuals                                         Labor relations

                Hostile negotiations                                       Wage and hour laws

                Unfair labor practices                                     Occupational safety hazards

                Collective bargaining                                     Healthcare benefits

                Non-compete agreements                            Workers’ compensation laws

                Employment contracts                                   Equality-based laws

                Workplace violence                                        Class action defense

Trying to figure an employment law situation on your own could lead to negative consequences. From start to finish, I’ll make sure that you understand the relevant law so that you can make informed decisions on how to proceed.

Statute of limitations for employment claims in California

How long you have to file an employment law claim depends on the type of relief that you’re seeking. While most employees have two years from the date of their firing to initiate a wrongful termination action, there is four-year statute of limitations for breach of contract lawsuits. Union grievances and discrimination claims typically have a much shorter timeframe. Regardless of your particular complaint, it is usually advisable to consult with an experienced employment lawyer as soon as possible when you believe you’ve been mistreated. I can give you the relevant deadline and get to work immediately on collecting the necessary information before potential evidence and witnesses become hard to find.

What damages can you receive for an employment case?

After analyzing the circumstances in your case, I can advise you on the specific remedies that could be available, such as:

  • Compensatory damages to make up for income and benefits lost to date and in the future
  • Job reinstatement
  • An order requiring your employer to make changes in the work environment
  • Compensation for emotional distress and physical effects
  • Legal fees
  • Liquidated damages under the provisions of an employment contract

In certain cases, the employer’s misconduct might rise to the level where statutory or punitive damages are awarded. Having handled these types of situations for more than 35 years, I know what kind of remedy you should expect based on the facts in your case. I won’t let you be pushed into an unfair resolution.

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The Law Offices of Victor Manrique in Los Angeles offers advice and advocacy to residents of Southern California. To make an appointment for a meeting, please call 213-487-4733 or contact me online

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