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California attorney handles public sector labor and employment law  cases.

Public sector employees deserve to be treated fairly and impartially.  No one has the right to harass you at your government  job or deny you access to the wages and benefits that you have have earned. Located in Los Angeles, the Law Offices of Victor Manrique is here to provide guidance to employees and to protect them from abusive colleagues and management. I am experienced and to help enforce the rights of individuals in public employment and for labor unions in both the public and private sectors. With decades of experience, I have earned an excellent reputation  in administrative trials,  negotiations with employers, mediation, and arbitration cases.  Representation for discharged and disciplined employees, those seeking promotion and asserting harassment or discrimination in employment.   

Representation for bias, wrongful termination and union matters

Serving Southern Californians for  decades, my firm understands that employees are often hesitant to take on their employers, particularly when that employer is a large  government entity. No matter what challenges you face, I will help you deal with the stress of the situation while pursuing the justice you deserve. No lawyer wins every case and no lawyer can guarantee you a win, but I will effectively analyze your case and give you truthful advice so you can make intelligent career decisions.  I strive to give honest advice and energetic advocacy.   

My firm handles all kinds of labor and employment law issues such as the following: 

Discharge and Discipline 

Promotion Policies

Labor contract interpretation 

Medical Restriction Accommodation

Human resource policies

Employee privacy rights 

Employee manuals

Labor relations environment 

Labor arbitration 

Unfair labor practices

Occupational safety hazards

Healthcare benefits

Workers’ compensation laws

Equality-based laws

Civil Service or Merit Rules of Public Agencies

Trying to analyze an employment  situation on your own could lead to negative consequences. From start to finish, I will make sure that you understand the relevant law so that you can make informed decisions on how to proceed.  

Statute of limitations for employment claims in California

How long you have to file an employment law claim depends on the type of relief that yo are seeking.  

Civil service or personnel commission appeals time limits have 5-day, 10-day, 15-day, and 30-day limits depending on the jurisdiction involved. 

Union grievances also vary from 5-day, 10-day, 15-day or 30-day time limits depending on the jurisdiction.   

In court cases,  most employees have two years from the date of their firing to initiate a wrongful termination action under state laws. There is four-year statute of limitations for breach of contract lawsuits.   It is  advisable to consult with an experienced employment lawyer as soon as possible when you believe you have been mistreated. I can give you the relevant deadline and get to work immediately on collecting the necessary information before potential evidence and witnesses become hard to find.

What damages can you receive for an employment case?

After analyzing the circumstances in your case, I can advise you on the specific remedies that could be available. Remedies available through the administrative process include: 

  • Reinstatement to your former position with back pay and back benefits. 
  • Temporary or permanent accommodation such as a changed assignment for medical restrictions depending on whether you can do essential job functions without an undue burden on the employer. 
  • Correction of your official personnel file useful for future promotion and preferred assignments. 
  • Reassignment away from problematic co-workers  or supervisors. 
  • Promotion with differential backpay and back benefits. 

Remedies for lawsuits include: 

  • Compensatory damages for income and benefits. 
  • Reinstatement order. 
  • Costs of court litigation are usually granted to the prevailing party. 
  • Attorney fees are not automatically granted but possible depending on the case. 
  • Punitive damages are not available against California public employers. 

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The Law Offices of Victor Manrique in Los Angeles offers advice and advocacy to residents of Southern California. To make an appointment for a meeting, please call 213-487-4733 or contact me online

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