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At the Law Offices of Victor Manrique in Los Angeles, I am a proven California attorney who has been representing harassment victims for more than three decades. This does not just encompass people who are subjected to sexual advances at work, but also employees forced to face a hostile work environment because of their race, religion or another personal trait. During informal discussions and legal proceedings, my firm presses to get justice for workers who have been harassed.

Types of sexual harassment in the workplace

Sexual harassment should not be tolerated no matter what type of job you have or what has been accepted there in the past. My firm advocates on behalf of victims in the following types of sexual harassment cases:

  • Quid pro quo claims — Bosses and other individuals who have a position of authority at your place of employment cannot leverage their power to pressure you into sexual activity. The legal term for this misconduct is quid pro quo sexual harassment, based on a Latin phrase meaning “this for that.” Being promised a workplace benefit for going out with a supervisor or getting threatened with a firing if you don’t give in to their sexual demands is against the law. Don’t wait for this problem to get worse. I help victims put a stop to employer sexual harassment and pursue legal remedies for them.  
  • Hostile work environment complaints — Crude remarks, unwanted touching, offensive photos or other forms of misbehavior can make the workplace intolerable. If you’ve faced harassment of this nature, relief might be available through a hostile work environment claim. This type of misconduct does not have to come from a supervisor. You can still bring a claim if a co-worker or even a customer creates a problem.
  • Retaliation actions — When you bring a sexual harassment claim, you have the right to do so without fear of reprisal. If you believe that your firing, demotion or undesirable work assignment was meant as retaliation for objecting to prior mistreatment, I will advise you of your legal options.

You have the right to perform your job duties in peace. My firm is committed to holding those who violate this right accountable.

Other types of California workplace harassment

In California, hostile work environment harassment claims are not limited to sexually offensive behavior. You can also seek relief if you have been tormented due to your:

  • Race
  • Religion
  • Color
  • Age
  • Sexual orientation
  • Disability status

If you are in one of these protected groups or another classification listed in the Fair Employment and Housing Act, my firm is prepared to represent you in a harassment or discrimination claim.

Advising employers on liability issues and obligations under CA harassment law

California employers have a legal obligation to guard against the harassment of their workers. A commitment to establishing effective workplace rules and reporting procedures can help your business minimize the likelihood of a costly claim later. I can advise you on the posting of required legal notices and the creation of policies that ensure all employees know where the lines are drawn.

Potential damages available in a harassment case

Being victimized by on-the-job harassment can affect you in many ways, and I am dedicated to obtaining a financial recovery that compensates you fairly for the harm you’ve suffered. If you were compelled to quit, work fewer hours or pass up advancement opportunities because of the mistreatment you endured, my firm will pursue reimbursement for the current and future income you’ve lost. This payment can be added to the damages you receive for the emotional trauma and physical effects stemming from the workplace harassment.

Contact a thorough California attorney regarding a workplace harassment issue

The Law Offices of Victor Manrique in Los Angeles advises Southern California clients on workplace harassment issues. To make an appointment for a meeting, please call 213-487-4733 or contact me online.

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